Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Colour of Fluff

There is a reasonable amount of information that can be deduced about a person just from looking at the fluff they produce. I have worked as a cleaner often enough to notice different types.

My own fluff, for instance, tends to be of a purplish hue and shot through with large quantities of cat hair. Of course, purple is the colour I wear most often so the fluff from these clothes fills my surroundings and then occasionally, my vacuum cleaner.

Photo: Apartment Therapy
Private houses I have cleaned do tend towards various colours, some red, some blue. Offices are mostly just plain grey. And when I worked at the deli in Germany, the moppings from the floor were deepest, darkest black, because the fruit was set out on stands inn the street and we were forever traipsing in and out in all weathers.

I realise that a lot of the things I write here are fluff. Give me time; I'm still warming to my task. In the meantime, perhaps the nature of my fluff will reveal various facets of me, and it will have been worth our time - yours and mine.
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