Monday, 23 September 2013

My Friend the Witch

Jemima ran a little side business as a witch. Crystal ball and all. She used to hang out with Patrick, before she got into all that; Pat had actually thought they were pretty good friends. Then, suddenly, it was like Jemima vanished off the face of the earth.

Some time later, her new business emerged. Pat slowly put two and two together and wondered if Jemima was scared that a "Christian" would be down on her for messing with that stuff. When the fact is, she had told him a long time ago just where she got the fortunes she told, and he couldn't care less. Scared? Bite me, thought Pat. Judging? Oh, puh-lease.

Jemima was the same person she used to be, though Pat didn't think he was. He hoped her crystal ball hadn't told her to stay away from him - if it had, that crystal ball was in DEEP CRAP.

(A fictional character study; to be continued?)
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