Monday, 2 September 2013

When friends fight

I've never been vocal on this topic before, for fear of alienating those closest to me. It seems some of that is inevitable anyway - no matter what I do. Still, it is my perhaps unreasonable hope that those who truly care for me won't be offended by my choices.

I have a personal principle that goes something like this: I'll stay friends with you if you'll stay friends with me. Simple enough. But it becomes an awful lot harder when any two of my friends have such a bad barney that they won't talk to each other any more.

(You might be surprised how often this happens.)
However, I am still talking to both.

This leaves me with a gigantic heartache - I know some of what happened, they both told me, yet I refuse to pick a side. It's not my fight. This is frequently seen as a betrayal (by one or both parties) on my part, and they distance themselves.

Never mind the fact that fights so major will often have fault on one side as well as the other. Even saying that much tends to make everyone mad at me, so I haven't, until now.

There's plenty more to say about this, and it may irritate some people. I hope that you know enough about me by now to be firm in the belief that if you are a friend o' mine, I am with you - no matter who else I am also with.
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