Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Daily Doctor: Remember CAL?

There is a blogger called "Mal" who recently posited some interesting theories on the possible connections between Clara and CAL, the computer in the Library from the episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. Now, I have to tell you, if you haven't caught up to the very end of series 7 then this will either make no sense to you at all or else it might spoil the whole thing, so consider yourself warned. No spoilers here, but click through at your own risk. Here's an excerpt:
Whenever the words, “run”, “clever”, and “remember” are said, they are given a very peculiar emphasis. “Remember” goes a bit unnoticed, bc we know there’s a specific reason it’s being said. But think about that. Clara’s phrase is always, “Run you clever boy and remember.” The key words are “run”, “clever” and “remember”.
As far as words go, they also have Miss Evangeline talk about not knowing where she is when her suit is ghosting. In fact, she very nearly says, “I don’t know where I am.” She is asking about her whereabouts, etc and begins “I—I do—I don—” and then they cut her off.
Now let’s talk about some very interesting details about CAL. First of all, she only has her dad. Now in other incarnations, Clara’s mother died when she was a bit older. However, it’s interesting to note that her mother is always dead when Clara meets the Doctor. Granted, she has been around the same age in every other episode in which the Doctor has seen her.
On top of this are the two children that CAL invented within the data core: a girl and a boy, the girl being the eldest of the two. In both versions of Clara that we’ve seen (where the children she looks after are present), this is the same combination.
I found it very interesting reading, and perhaps you will too - if you're all up to date! Here's the link.
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