Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cholesterol Good, Carbs Bad? Yup.

I am coming more and more to the conclusion that much of modern nutrition advice is completely skewed. Consider, if you will, these facts which now shape my behaviour:

Saturated fats do not cause high cholesterol.
If my doctor told me to avoid butter, eggs and red meat in order to lower cholesterol, I would not comply. Ahem. This may have actually happened. But there is no evidence linking the one with the other.
In fact, eating saturated fat is the only way to reduce levels of Lipoprotein A (a risk factor for heart disease).
Trans fats such as margarine and canola oil, on the other hand, are harmful.

High cholesterol does not cause heart disease.
I have seen enough evidence to convince me that heart disease is caused by inflammation. If my doctor ordered statins to lower cholesterol, I would not comply. Cholesterol is needed to repair damage from inflammation, which can come from any kind of infection; historically, heart disease increased after flu outbreaks and the like. Statin use is like shooting the firemen who would put out the fire.

Eating carbs has the same effect as eating sugar.
Carbs cause a sugar rush and can lead to insulin resistance just as surely as sweets. I have eliminated most carbs from my routine, but at the same time I'm not guilty about a weekend indulgence - if it's all the same for my insides anyway, it might as well be chocolate, right?

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