Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Local/Sheep: Breadbag Fashion

Retrospective edition: Back in 1994 the NZ Herald reported on Sandra Owen's "breadbagging" of newborn lambs to keep them dry. Here's an excerpt:
Slitting along the bottom of each bag to make leg-holes and cutting one corner off for the lambs' heads to pop through, Owen would dress the 75-100 newborns each spring in the plastic jackets when wet weather struck.
"The wrappers lasted between two to five days, depending on how exuberant the lambs were. They kept them warm and protected them for the first crucial 48 hours before they could start maintaining their own body temperature."  
And with three strapping sons mowing through 14 loaves of bread a week, Owen was never short of material to make the "little wetsuits".
Read the whole thing here...
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